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16 June 2010 @ 11:33 pm
Daughter; An Unfit Assassin and Free Porn  

Title: Daughter
Pairings (in this chapter): OCxOC, LeeteukxOC, KyuMin
Rating: PG-13 (May, or may not, turn into R as story progresses.)
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior.
Previous Chapters: 1, 2
Summary: Parenthood came early to Yesung when his brother asked that he keep his Lillian safe for him. The girl is nice enough, and she has a lovely face, but why does she keep getting into accidents? Is there more to her than Yesung's brother told him?

A/N: If you don’t like really OC-centered stories, then just ignore Daughter. I’m starting to think I’m going to center in on the OCs and Leeteuk. Yesung will still play a major role in the story, though.

 I’m really sorry about this probably seeming really confusing, I’m meaning for it to be like this. I want a bunch of flashes that you piece together to get a storyline, but I’m struggling with trying to make it simple to decipher too…

(Late warning, but CHARACTER DEATH. Not in this chapter, but yeah.)

After she saw that her partner had hit his mark, Ren started clapping. He was really quite a prodigy.

“Wow, nice. A parking lot away, and you still got her upper leg,” she praised.

The boy was unimpressed with his shot. He had only shot a leg after all, not a vital organ or something. Sometimes, Ren was too easily awed. That was something he’d need to fix, after all, assassins shouldn’t ever praise another’s work, or clap for that matter. What if they were heard?

Deciding that now was not the appropriate time to scold the girl, the expert marksmen said, “We should leave now before anyone sees us here.”

Smiling, Ren nodded to show consent. The boy winced. Assassins shouldn’t smile either. Why did he get stuck with such a kid?


They were just out of Inkigayo’s studio, when with shocked expression on her face, Lillian hurriedly covered her bleeding thigh with her shirt tail. The majority of Super Junior didn’t even notice the girl in pain, but their leader did. He looked at her already red shirt start to turn a darker red, and wondered why she didn’t ask for help or at least let out a little whine in pain. Suspecting that there must be a reason why Lillian had to keep quiet, Leeteuk didn’t say anything and kept his silence too. He tried to ignore the wounded girl, but more than once or twice she had lost her step, and the too-kind-hearted leader had had to pick her up without looking like he noticed.

“It’s okay, Lillian-sshi,” Leeteuk whispered to the girl when she almost fell over the fifth time, “We’re almost to the van. I have some gauze we can wrap your wound when we get there. Don’t worry; I won’t let the other members know of this, not even your uncle.

Lillian was dissatisfied with herself for having to trust in another, but was relieved that at least she was going to be able to stop trying to hide the wound on his leg with just her shirt. Leeteuk seems more handsome than Kibum described him, Lillian thought.

“Thank you,” Lillian whispered softly, not sure of the intended recipient heard, “For worrying about me.”

“Is there any reason why one shouldn’t?” Leeteuk breathed back to the young lady.

Perhaps… Lillian thought, Perhaps.


“You excuse for a top sharpshooter!”

Nero winced at his boss’ hand. Although he was trained not to ever show fear in front of another, this particular man could cause him to without trying. The boy bit back his tongue and hoped that he wouldn’t have to go through another ‘discliplining’.

“Sir!” Ren shouted, “Even if my partner had left such a bad mark, it was for the best. The girl was successfully handicapped and shook. Please excuse my partner from any wrongdoings; he was only working in the best interest of our government.”

Now the captain was really pissed.  He was about to strike at the mistaught little girl’s cheeks when he suddenly noticed that she was already pointing at them, as if telling him to hit her.

Is she challenging me? the impatient man asked himself.

He clawed down on Ren’s forehead, and she didn’t even draw back a millimeter as he did. Blood was spilled when her skin was penetrated by her captain’s nails, and her neck was in distress as the assaulter clasped his hands around it. The poor girl turned purple as her last breaths were taken out of her, but still held gleaming eyes at her partner, as if in reassurance. Nero watched his partner in disbelief. Was he the one that needed reassuring?


“You really shouldn’t have done that; the captain could have really put you in a coma,” Nero scolded.

“But I love you, Nero,” breathed out Ren’s poor voice box.

“Stop playing games.”

Ren never really heard the last sentence though, as she lost consciousness before it started. Poor Nero could only rest his head against her softly, beating heart. He hoped that it would never stop its beat as long as he was alive.


Lillian awkwardly stood at Sungmin and Kyuhyun’s door holding all her personal belongings.

“No,” Kyuhyun said as soon as he saw Lilian behind his door.

The embarrassed girl could not keep her face from going red when she was denied so quickly. Fortunately for her, Sungmin had been in the room too and saw his Kyu being mean. He started wonking him with a rubber hammer. Although that did not stop Kyu from ranting on about how a girl would completely lessen the amount of fun times in his life, it did make him accept Lily at least borrowing a corner of their room until Leeteuk comes over the next morning and works something out.

“Please take care of me,” Lillian murmured before she started setting up her bed.

Sungmin smiled, saying that he would. On the other hand, his lover was uttering words of how Lillian was a lucky girl, getting to watch free po—Hey! She’s seventeen! Of course she’s old enough to hear this. What? No. Min! Grr. Fine.

END Chapter 3: An Unfit Assassin and Free Porn 

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