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13 June 2010 @ 07:09 pm
Even in Death; KiHae  
Title: Even in Death
Pairing: Kibum/ Donghae
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Summary: Kibum's last farewell.
Warning: Character Death

We stand at my door, unfamiliar with one another. You plead to be taken back, but I won't have it.

"Kibum... please..." you choke in between sobs.

I try my best to smirk and not to wipe off your tears.

Do you hate me?

"I just dated you for the publicity and sex. You're not even slightly attractive to me."

I hear your breath being choked back. Your eyes are too red to keep open now, so you squint to try to look at me.

Would you please stop looking at me
? I want to take you in my arms and comfort you so bad, but I know I mustn't so... Don't tempt me. Please, hate me. How could you love a man that pushes you away?

"Bummie-ah..." you try again, "We both know that's not true. For God's sake, tell me what I did wrong! Just take me back! I promise not to repeat my mistakes."

I force a cold chuckle through my throat. Unmercifully, I push you off my doorsteps. You tremble back at the force of my harsh act, but don't turn your back on me.

Do you love me that much?

"Damn you, Hae," I curse, "I don't fucking want to be with you. I never cared for you, and I never will. You're just another one of my many sex-toys, okay? Don't look so surprised, we both knew I would one day say this."

You close your eyes now. They're too salty to keep open.

I'm sorry that I made you care about me. I'm sorry I'm causing you this pain now. I'm sorry...

Although the atmosphere between us is entirely wrecked, you still try to gather the strength to speak.

When you finally catch a breath, you force out, "Bummie... gch... I will... gch... always..."

The rest of your words are incomprehensible as they're muffed by your violent gasps and chokes.

I want so much to kiss you good-bye.

Knowing that I must, I slam my door right before your pitiful figure. Immediately, you start banging it to try to get me to listen to your pleas again, but if I do, what if I give in?

It's never a good thing to fall for a dead man, Donghae. Let me become a memory you'll look back on in hate.


A few days later, Donghae was seen lying on Kibum's grave. Stabbed into his heart was a knife with a handle engraved, "Even in death, I will love you."
touchy-feelings?: depressed
boom boom?: goodbye my princess - monday kiz
chaysbrydenchocotsu129 on January 15th, 2011 09:19 am (UTC)
Just read this fic, make me *sob* teary *sob*
SO TRAGIC !! *sob*

good angsty.. Poor kihae..Oh,hae.. He love u forever too >.